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Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Garden Cart

Description: 8.5" x 11", Paperback, 45 pages, 60 illustrations
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Build it Easy. Work it Hard. Love it Forever....The Whizbang Garden Cart.

The Whizbang Garden Cart has all the best features of expensive, ready-made carts, and more!

Just like every other good cart on the market, the Whizbang is well balanced, easy to operate, and has plenty of cubic-foot carrying capacity. But, without any additional weight gain, the Whizbang design is far stronger and more durable than any of the competition.

Better yet, the Whizbang Garden Cart can be built with readily-available materials by anyone with basic handyman tools and skills. And best of all, you can build your own Whizbang Garden Cart for less than the cost of the higher-quality store-bought models.

This book tells you everything you need to know to easily build your own Whizbang garden Cart. Everything.

Your Whizbang cart will not only be the best cart you'll ever own, it will probably be the last cart you'll ever own. That's because, if properly cared for, the Whizbang is an heirloom-quality tool that your grandchildren will be able to put to good use.

To see pictures of the Whizbang Garden Cart and read all about it, I invite you to go to The Whizbang Garden Cart Blog

Note: Building a Whizbang Garden Cart is an excellent woodworking project for kids and dads.