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A Garlic Powder Profits Report
The Herrick's Homegrown Story
(back in print as a pdf download)
I once had a profitable little home business growing garlic and processing it into "Herrick's Homegrown" garlic powder. My profits report will help you launch a successful garlic powder business of your own.

Growing garlic and processing it into garlic powder can be a profitable home business. I know this because I grew garlic and sold garlic powder for nine years (1998 to 2007). I stopped growing garlic when the land I was using was no longer available to me. Since then, I've focused on pursuing other entrepreneurial interests. But making and selling garlic powder was a great little home business.

If you are looking for a profitable little agricultural niche business, this may be just right for you. Locally-grown and homemade garlic powder is unique and the market is virtually untapped. The demand is there. Once people know what you are doing, they will give it a try. Once they give it a try, they will be your customer year after year. 

My garlic powder typically sold out each year within a couple of months after I made it available. In my book, The Complete Guide to Making Great Garlic Powder, I tell you how to grow great garlic and turn it into remarkably good garlic powder. In this report I share with you the details of how I marketed, priced, and packaged Herrick's Homegrown Stiffneck Garlic Powder.

I put the 27-page, comb-bound report together back in 2003 and  I updated it in 2006. It sold for $16.95. When the report sold out I didn't reprint. Then I found out about selling pdf files online and decided to make the report available once again as an inexpensive ($7.95) pdf download. 

Click Here to read more about the profits report and purchase a pdf copy right now (please understand that this is not a printed copy you will be purchasing, but a pdf download). 

P. S. I want to make it clear that this is not some get-rich-quick, easy-money scheme. Growing your own garlic and processing it into garlic powder is downright hard work, and you aren't likely to make a fortune at it. But you can make an honest dollar for your effort and have the satisfaction that comes with providing wholesome food to appreciative customers.