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You Can Get There From Here

Updated: 5 March 2015
This web page is your portal into the world of Planet Whizbang products and resources. Please scroll down the page and click on the subjects and items that interest you.

New in 2015... is a Planet Whizbang web site that offers inexpensive PDF downloads of information from old agricultural ephemera, including agricultural how-to bulletins, farm almanacs, equipment catalogs, magazines and newspapers. Click Here to go to this exciting new web site.

Whizbang Notes

A pocket notebook can be a remarkably useful tool. If you want to be more organized, efficient, productive (and down-to-earth stylish), get a package of our affordable new Planet Whizbang pocket notebooks and put them to work. Click Here for full details.

This idea was a long time in the making. Top-quality, handcrafted hardwood clothespins with stainless steel springs are now available. Click Here for details.

Now Online!
Check Out Our New
Garden Trellising Web Site
The Planet Whizbang T-Post Trellis Instructional Web Site introduces you to one idea that is in the Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners. Go now, learn, be inspired, and put the idea to good use in your own garden.

The Planet Whizbang 
Idea Book For Gardeners
Good ideas make great gardeners and this new book by Herrick Kimball is full of good ideas. You will be a smarter, more clever, and Whizbang-inspired gardener after reading this book. Click Here for more details.

Make Your Own 
Whizbang Chicken Plucker
Plucking chickens (or any other kind of poultry) is easy and even FUN with your own homemade Whizbang chicken plucker. You gotta see it to believe it. Click Here for instructions, plucker parts, and more.

How to Butcher a Chicken 
After you've plucked a chicken you need to "process" it. Our FREE step-by-step online photo tutorial tells and shows exactly how to butcher a chicken. With well over a million page views it is the most popular chicken-butchering how-to on the internet. Click Here and start learning.

Whizbang Poultry Shrink Bags
We offer fast, easy, professional-quality packaging for small farm & backyard poultry producers. Our commercial-grade bags shrink tight and crystal clear. The finished package looks great and the meat is well protected from freezer burn. Our online tutorial shows how to easily shrink-bag your processed birds. Click Here for details.

Make Your Own 
Whizbang Chicken Scalder
Our scalder plan book tells you exactly how to turn an everyday propane water heater into a remarkably efficient chicken scalder. Click Here to learn more.

Kent C-25
Rubber Plucker Fingers
These natural rubber poultry plucker fingers are simply the best. No other finger on the market has the reputation for durability and efficient feather removal. Made in the USA by the same family business for three generations. We ship fingers worldwide. Click Here for full details.
Make Your Own
Whizbang Wheel Hoe
Check out our simple, step-by-step photo tutorial showing how to make your own inexpensive Planet Whizbang wheel hoe, equipped with an oscillating stirrup blade. We sell bolt-together metal parts kits too. Click Here for details.

Make Your Own
Whizbang Cider Press
There is no other home-scale cider press on the market that turns apples into sweet cider as easily, efficiently, and economically! Click Here and see for yourself.

Make Your Own
Whizbang Garden Cart
Build it easy. Work it hard. Love it forever. Click Here for details

How to Make
 Great Garlic Powder
Homemade garlic powder is remarkably flavorful, and it's downright good for you. We wrote the book on Making Great Garlic Powder. Click Here for details.

Garlic Powder Profits
Making and selling homemade garlic powder from homegrown garlic bulbs can be a nice little business. Click Here for details.

Whizbang Bucket-Irrigation
Hardware Kit
Our solid-brass hardware kit makes micro irrigation (and fertigation) simple, portable, and practical. Click Here for full details.
Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian
In this book of personal essays, Herrick Kimball introduces the Christian-agrarian lifestyle. The book is a countercultural call for revolutionary change, one family at a time. Click Here to learn more.

The Deliberate Agrarian
Herrick's popular was started back in June of 2005. Subtitled, "One man's ruminations about faith, family & livin' the good life," The Deliberate Agrarian reflects the author's contra-industrial, biblically-based, down-to-earth worldview. Click Here .

Herrick's Other Books
Herrick was a carpenter and home remodeler for 25 years before he published the Whizbang Plucker plan book, which was the genesis of the Planet Whizbang business. Click Here to learn about his early writing & self-publishing productions.

Whizbang Soap Display Holders
If you are a soapmaker, Click Here to learn about these nifty Whizbang soap display holders.

Diary of an 1892
Farmer's Wife
Josephine Jordan was the wife of a potato farmer in northern Maine. She wrote one line a day in her diary. You can read her entries for the year of 1892. Click Here to learn about the life of a farmer's wife over 100 years ago.