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Robert’s Plucker Fingers

My son Robert has his own small business selling rubber plucker fingers. You can read about the enterprise HERE. Pricing & purchasing information is below.

Please note that you can purchase plucker fingers directly from Robert, as explained below. Or, if you are purchasing other products directly from Whizbang Books, you can include payment for the fingers you want with your Whizbang purchase. I will see that Robert gets the money. Combining purchases just makes it easier for you.


All About The Plucker Fingers I Sell
By: Robert Kimball (with some help from his dad)

There are all kinds of rubber feather picking fingers on the market. But the Kent, C-25, medium durometer hardness fingers are among the best general purpose plucker fingers you’ll find. They have proven themselves over decades of use to be very effective at removing chicken, turkey, duck and goose feathers.

If you’re making a Whizbang Plucker, you’ll need 70 plucker fingers for the “featherplate” and 50 fingers for inside the tub. Most folks buy 125 fingers. That gives you a few spares to have on hand. Or you can just put the extras in the tub. (Note: these fingers are designed to fit into a 3/4” diameter hole.)

I sell 125 fingers for only $99. Check around and you’ll find that is a decent price for top quality, made-in-the-USA plucker fingers. Better yet, that $99 price INCLUDES the cost of Priority Mail shipping ANYWHERE in the U.S. And I ship orders out the next business day after I receive payment. That means you’ll get the fingers FAST.

(27 June 2010)

As of the above date, my plucker finger business has merged with my father's business, Whizbang Books. You can read more about the plucker fingers we sell and order online at this link: