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Whizbang Books 
to Foreign Countries? 
YES! But...

We have shipped a LOT of Whizbang books throughout the world and are more than happy to do so. However, postage costs continue to increase and I want to make sure you don't pay more than you need to for the books you want. With that in mind, I suggest that you check your country's web site. Some Whizbang Books are available there. And if you are in the United Kingdom, the Whizbang Plucker plan book is available from Wells Poultry

If those suggestions don't save you some money, here are the specifics about the extra cost of shipping books outside the U.S.A.

Books To Canada
As of February 2013, it now costs more than $9 to ship a book to Canada in a standard envelope (not Priority). The cost nearly doubled. So I am now charging an additional $5 for each book shipped to Canada. You will not see the $5 charge when you place your order. I will send you a PayPal money request for the extra money. You can pay the request online with a credit card (and you do not need to have a PayPal account to do so).

Books to the Rest of The World
Using a Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope, I can ship Whizbang books to just about any country in the world. Delivery time to your country is 6 to 10 days. Then it typically takes some more time for your postal service to get the book delivered. Some countries are better than others when it comes to getting books delivered. England and Australia do a good job, but I sent a book to Brazil and it took over a month to get there!

I can send more than one book (as many as fit in the envelope, up to four pounds) for the same low price. To order, simply use the order buttons on this site. When I get your order I will send you a PayPal money request for $15 (the actual cost to ship is now $23.95, but I pay $8.95 of that). You can pay the money request with a credit card, just like any online purchase (and you do not need to be signed up with PayPal to do so).