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A New Product From Planet Whizbang

Morning Glory Soaps
Earthy Blends With Heavenly Scents
By: Herrick Kimball
Dateline: November 2011

You won't find a nicer selection of wholesome, hand-crafted soaps than this! (click picture to see enlarged view)

My wife Marlene has been crafting soap for the past eleven years. It took her a couple years to really learn the art of soapmaking and to refine her own recipes. There was certainly a learning curve but she stuck with it and now turns out a remarkably nice product. Sure, I'm biased but it's not just me that likes this soap—the woman has a following; the same people buy her soap time after time, and they have done so for years.

Once you've used Marlene's soap, I think you'll agree that it really is something special. And now, after a lot of urging from her biggest fan (me) she has put together a quantity of Morning Glory Soapworks gift boxes and we are making available here for the 2011 holiday gift-giving season.

From the beginning, Marlene's objective was to create bar soaps that were full of wholesome goodness but not fancy or showy. This is a reflection of our own simple, down-to-earth interests and values. So, all these soaps are made with a blend of olive, coconut, palm and castor oils. This combination makes for a rich, creamy, cleansing lather that is full of moisturizing glycerine. Essential oils are used for the scents, not fragrance oils, which are cheaper-priced chemical concoctions.  Beyond that, Marlene adds "botanicals" to her recipes, as I explain below in the different descriptions of the soaps.

Marlene makes her soaps in small batches and pours the mix into "brick" molds that I made for her. After the mixture hardens, I cut the soap out of the molds and then slice each bar off the brick. Then the bars are set aside to cure for at least 30 days. It takes a long time to  make a good bar of soap!

Because these bars are hand-sliced they are not perfectly uniform. We like to describe them as "unassuming." To look upon them is to know they were hand made, with each bar having something of a character all it's own—unlike all those bars of factory-made soap that you get in the grocery store. But this simple-looking soap is packed with wholesome goodness. 

By way of personal testimony, I'd like to tell you that I have not used a bar of factory-made soap in my home in eleven years. All I use is Marlene's bar soap. And I'll have you know that I have not used any storebought shampoo in probably ten years. I use these bar soaps as a shampoo and am very pleased with the results (this might just be a "man thing" because Marlene doesn't like it as a shampoo on her longer hair). I have also not used any storebought shaving cream for that long either. As far as I'm concerned, this soap does it all and I'm so glad not to have all those synthetic chemicals from factory-made soap & shampoo concoctions on my skin, seeping into my pores, ever again! 

So that's my little sales pitch for this wonderful soap. Now let me tell you how we are selling Marlene's Morning Glory soaps. We have put together gift boxes, like pictured above, with four different bars. I have cut these bars bigger than usual so you'll be getting 4-ounce bars, not 3.5 ounce, as the labels say. The bar size is about 2" x 3" x 1". 

The gift boxes sell for $24.95 and that price includes the cost of shipping. There is an order button at the bottom of this page. But before that, I need to tell you about the individual bars that will be in each gift box.

Rosemary Spearmint
Exhilarate and invigorate your hot, tired self with this soap's naturally cool blend of rosemary and spearmint, blended with bits of mint leaves. The green color comes from powdered parsley.

Spicy and antiseptic cinnamon with the addition of oatmeal makes this a gentle exfoliating bar. Though not clear in the picture, the cinnamon makes the bar a mahogany red in color. Our sons have discovered that this bar cleans their hands surprisingly well after doing mechanical work.

Gentleman Farmer
An invigorating blend of lemongrass and cedarwood essential oils, along with the gentle abrasiveness of cornmeal. This is perfect for hardworking hands.

Lavender Calendula

A wonderfully mild soap that offers the pleasing scent of lavender and the healing properties of dried calendula petals (Marlene actually infuses the calendula petals in the olive oil to extract maximum benefit from the calendula). This is a perfect facial bar for women—and I like it too! 

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